Institute of Die & Mould

Institute of Die & Mould

Institute of Die & Mould is an education branch mainly to train undergraduate, master and doctoral students, and accept post doctoral research staff with the research directions of mold design, manufacturing and related fields.

Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education for molding products is established in the institute. It is the research and development organization that is approved by the Ministry of Education to be engaged in the scientific research and the achievement transformation of mold technology and molding products.

The institute is the standing director unit of Chinese mould industry association, and chairman unit of mould manufacturing specialized committee of production engineering branch of Chinese mechanical engineering society. It has Changzhou branch of the Molding Products Engineering Research Center, Liaoning province industrial mold technology service center, Dalian international mould research and education center, Okuma-Dalian University of Technology center, Dalian University of Technology center of Mitsubishi Electric, Davis-standard technology center of Dalian University of Technology and is the certification training center authorized by Delcam, Cimatron and CADmeister. The institute is also sponsor of The Asian International Education and Research Consortium on Die and Mould Technology.

The institute have 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 3 doctoral tutor, 6 master's tutor, and recruit 20 graduate students and 3~6 doctoral students each year, and undertake courses including the design and manufacture of precision molds, polymer molding processing theory and technology, cutting mechanics etc.

The institute has been undertaking many important projects, which include some key projects of the State Science and Technology Support Plan, the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), the National High-technology Research and Development Program 863 projects, the National Natural Science Fund Project, and Science and Technology Research Projects of the Ministry of Education.

Institute of Die & Mould is taking international exchanges and cooperation with Iwate University, University of Tokyo, University of New South Wales, University of Oxford, University of Liverpool, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Florida, etc.





Room Number

Wang Minjie



Zhao Danyang



Duan Chunzhen



Song Mancang



Jiang Kaiyu



Wei Zhaocheng



Liu Yahua



Zhu Tieli



Liu Ying



Research Field

1、Molding technology of polymer and composite materials

2、Mold design and manufacture and computer aided technology

3、High precision and high speed machining technology for mould and complex parts

4、Micro molding and die technology

5、Biological / bionic manufacturing technology

Main Achievements (text with pictures)

1、Mechanism of micro molding process

Theoretical model of melt flow in the process of micro injection molding

Numerical simulation of micro molding process

2、 Visualization technology for injection molding process

3、Micro molding technology

Injection molding technology for polymer parts with micro structure

Micro extruding technology

4、Manufacturing technology for micro mould

5、Design & processing technology for light weight polymer based composite

6、Numerical simulation and analysis the relationship between mould structure, molding parameters and the quality of the polymer parts

7、 Shark skin drag reduction theory and bionic manufacturing

8、Fast droplet detachment on water-repellent (superhydrophobic) surfaces

9、Mechanism of high speed machining

10、 Tool deflection error in milling of surfaces for deep-cavity mould

11、Design and manufacture of precision mould

Publishing textbooks and works:

《 Manufacturing process for Die & Mould》, Publishing House Of Electronics Industry, 2015

《 Design of injection mould》, Publishing House Of Electronics Industry, 2015

《 Design of stamping die》,Publishing House Of Electronics Industry, 2015

《 Design of die casting mold》,Publishing House Of Electronics Industry, 2015

《Volumes of Chinese Die & mould engineering (Ninth volumes):Die & mould manufacturing》, China Machine Press, 2007

《Injection mould design and manufacturing》, China Machine Press, 2007

《Solidworks2005 wonderful examples of the course》, Peking University press, 2006

《Mould manufacturing technology》, Publishing House Of Electronics Industry, 2004


Name: Jiang Kaiyu

Tel: 86-411-84706062


Address: Institute of Die & Mould, Dalian University of Technology, Linggong Road 2#, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, China 116023

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