Institute of Sustainable Design & Manufacturing (ISDeM)

Institute of Sustainable Design & Manufacturing (ISDeM)

“Institute of Sustainable Design & Manufacturing (ISDeM)” was established in the mid of year 2010 with research focus on sustainable manufacturing. ISDeM is an institute composed of three research groups in the School of Mechanical Engineering (SME), Dalian University of Technology. The mission of ISDeM is to engage in cutting-edge research that generates new concepts and approaches for inter-disciplinary engineering sciences, to inculcate engineering skills and ethical values into the minds of young generation, and to cultivate an innovative environment that under the umbrella of Sustainability in Design and Manufacture should nurture ideas into engineering breakthroughs contributive contributing towards economy and compatibility with society and environment.

There are 6 faculty in ISDeM .

Prof. Yuan-liang Zhang is the deputy director of ISDeM. He engages in design of intelligent instruments, remaining useful life prediction and the assessment methods of remanufacturability based on the RUL .

Prof. Ying-zhong Zhang leads an intelligent modeling and sustainable design group, who is mainly engaged in teaching and research on intelligent geometric modeling and feature modeling, knowledge representation and processing of engineering semantic information, and sustainable design (Green design) for mechanical products.

Tao Li is an associate professor and master supervisor at the School of Mechanical Engineering. Her research interests include life cycle assessment of products, laser cladding methods and technology, sustainability of nanotechnology, and product data management.

Shu-jie Liu received her PhD degree from the University of Tokyo, Japan in 2007. She devotes herself to the research of PHM (Prognostics and Health Management), the real time life prediction of mechanical equipment and the newly developments of precision metrology .

Wei-wei Liu received his BS degree and PhD degree from Northeastern University in 2004 and 2009, respectively. His research interests are in the areas of remanufacturing technology, in-situ monitoring and adaptive control technology for laser cladding remanufacturing and environmentally friendly cleaning technology in remanufacturing.





Room Number

Yuan-liang Zhang


219, No. 1 Building

Ying-zhong Zhang


324, No. 1 Building

Tao Li


303, No. 2 Building

Shu-jie Liu


303, No. 2 Building

Wei-wei Liu


303, No. 2 Building

Research Field

1、 Life cycle assessment as a basis for sustainable manufacturing;

2、 Remanufacturing process technologies;

3、 Energy saving of products design;

4、 Energy modeling of manufacturing;

5、 Processes Sustainable manufacturing systems;

6、 Real time remaining useful life model & assessment ;

7、Intelligent geometric modeling and feature modeling;

8、Knowledge representation and processing of engineering semantic information;

9、Sustainable design (Green design) for mechanical products;

10、Error compensation and accuracy improvement in laser measurement.

Main Achievements

We are doing a remanufacturing research program which is fund by National Key Fundamental Research Program (973 Program) in China. The research objective of the project aims to the core components of mechanical equipment (including heavy-duty vehicle, construction machine, watercraft, airplane, turbine machine, etc.) with mass quantity, broad utilization and high added value, such as rotor/stator of turbine or diesel engine. Focus on three Critical scientific problems:

(1) The evolution regularities and theory of the crossing-scale damages (fatigue and worn) of the cores.

(2) The fundamental theories and accurate control coefficients of remanufacturing processes and technologies.

(3) The safety and quality assurance issues and prognostication of remanufacturing product remaining life.


Name: Shujie Liu

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Address: School of Mechanical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, No. 2 Linggong Road, Ganjingzi Distric, Dalian, 116024, P.R. China

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