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Institution of Digital Design



Institution of Digital Design is an innovative research and educational environment. The institution currently has 5 professors (4 doctoral supervisors), 4 associate professors, 2 lecturers, 1 senior and 2 engineers.

The institution offers graduate courses including Mechanism and Machine Theory, Mechanical Design, Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, with the corresponding Curriculum Design and experiments, and postgraduate courses including Advanced Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms, Theory and Technology of Innovative Machinery Design, Analysis and Design of Production Process, Information Management and Analysis of Production Process.


       Delun Wang, Professor, Head of Institution, Doctoral Supervisor
       Current research interests:
       1. Kinematic Geometry of Mechanisms
       2. Methodology of Machine Design
       3. Accuracy Design of Machinery
       Selected publications:
       1. Kinematic Differential Geometry and Saddle Synthesis of Linkages, Wiley Press (English ed.) and China Machine Press (Chinese ed.), 2015.
       2. Theory of Machine and Mechanism, China Machine Press (In Chinese), 2012.
       3. Machine Design, China Machine Press (In Chinese), 2015.
       4. About 100 peer-reviewed international and national journal articles


       Huimin Dong, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
       Research interests:
       1. Digital design of wind power equipment
       2. Parametric, structural and performance design
       3. Precision and elasto-dynamic performance analysis
       4. Design and simulation of robotics
       Selected publications:
       1. Dong, H., Wu, Y., Wang, D., Bai, S., M-DOF dynamic model for load sharing behavior analysis of PGT, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology,2016,30(3),993-1001.
       2. Dong, H., Ting, K.-L., Yu, B., Liu, J., Wang, D., Differential contact path and conjugate properties of planar gearing transmission, Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME,2012,134(6):061010.
       3. Dong, H., Wang, D., Ting, K.-L., Kinematic effect of the compliant cup in harmonic drives, Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME,2011,133(5):051004.
       4. Dong, H., Ting, K.-L., Wang, D., Kinematic fundamentals of planar harmonic drives, Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME,2011,133(1):011007.
       5. Dong, H.-M., Wang, D.-L., An adaptive approach of approximate function generation for Stephenson-III six-bar dwell linkage, Journal of Dalian University of Technology, 2012,52(4):529-535.



       Wei Jiang, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
       Research interests:
       1. Design & manufacturing process simulation and optimization
       2. Residual stresses, fracture and fatigue
       3. Multi-disciplinary modeling and simulation
       Selected publications:
       1. W. Jiang, K. Yahiaoui, F. R. Hall. Finite Element Predictions of Temperature Distributions in a Multipass Welded Piping Branch Junction. Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 2005, 127 (1), pp.7-12. SCI, EI.
       2. W. Jiang, K. Yahiaoui. Finite Element Predictions of Residual Stress Distributions in a Multipass Welded Piping Branch Junction. Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 2007, 129 (4), pp.601-608. SCI, EI.
       3. W. Jiang, K. Yahiaoui. Influence of Cooling Rate on Predicted Weld Residual Stress Build-up in a Thick Walled Piping Intersection. Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 2010,132(2), p 0212051-0212058.
       4. W. Jiang, K. Yahiaoui. Effect of Welding Sequence on Residual Stress Distribution in a Multipass Welded Piping Branch Junction. International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 2012, 95, p 39-47.
       5. H. Liu, W. Jiang, Z. Hulio, Q. Wang. Estimation of system reliability by using the PLS-regression based corrected response surface method. Maintenance and Reliability 2016; 18 (2): 260–270.


       Zengxuan Hou, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
       Research interests:
       1. Innovative design of products
       2. Virtual Product Development and Virtual sludge modeling
       3. Complex Equipment Design and Development
       Selected publications:
       1. Guo Chao, Hou Zengxuan, Yang Guangqing, Zheng Shuanzhu. The Simulation of the Brush Stroke based on Force Feedback Technology. Mathematical Problems in Engineering. 2015, 2015(164821): 1-10.
       2. Zengxuan Hou, Chao Guo, Guangzhou Chen, Guangqing Yang, Shuanzhu Zheng. The methods of the pigment mixing and color storage in the virtual painting. Journal of Information and Computational Science, 2015, 12(18):6853-6861.
       3. Guo Chao, Hou Zeng-xuan, Zheng Shuan-zhu, Yang Guang-qing. Half-dry stroke simulation based on the force feedback technology. ICJIP
       4. F.X. Yan, Z.X. Hou, D.H. Zhang, et al. Virtual Clay Modeling System with 6-DOF Haptic Feedback. Materials Science Forum, 628-629(2009):155-160.
       5. HOU Zeng xuan, GUO Chao, ZHAO Ning , YANG Da yong, Five-axis NC programming for EDM of integral turbine blisk, Journal of Dalian University of Technology, 2013,  53(4): 521-525.

       Yuan Gao, Professor
       Research interests:
       1. Machine and Mechanism Design Theory
       2. Industrial Engineering
       Selected publications:
       1. Da Zhun Xiao, Yuan Gao, etc. Conjugation Criterion for Making Clearance of the Meshed Helical Surfaces, Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME, 2005 (127), p164-168.
       2. Liang Huang, Yuan Gao, Configuration selection for reconfigurable manufacturing systems by means of characteristic state space, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2011, 24(1): p23-32 .
       3. Delun Wang, Yuan Gao, Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, China Machine Press (In Chinese), 2012.


       Yali Ma, PhD, Associate Professor
       Associate Head of Institution
       Research interests:
       Advanced CNC machine tools and manufacturing equipment
       1. Performance evaluation and structure design
       2. Innovative design
       3. Digital design
       Selected publications:
       1. Machine Design, China Machine Press (In Chinese), 2015.
       2. Ma Y L, Yu S D, Wang D L. Nonlinear vibrational behavior of multi-body dynamical systems with bi-directional piecewise linear spring constraints. Journal of Vibration & Control, 2016, 22(7):1808-1819.
       3. Ma Y, Yu S, Wang D. Vibration analysis of an oscillator with non-smooth dry friction constraint. Journal of Vibration & Control, 2015, 333(2):59-62.
       4. Yali Ma, Zhen Gong, Liang Zhao et al.. Finite Element Analysis of Buckling of Corrugated Fiberboard. Open Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2014, Vol.8: 257-263.
       5. MA Yali,NING Shichao,QIAN Feng. Natural Vibration Performance Analysis of Linear Rolling Guide. Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition), 2016, Vol.44(9): 59-64.


       Fanhai Mao, PhD, Associate Professor
       Research interests:
       1. Structural design of mechanical system
       2. Strength analysis of mechanical system


       Guanglei Wu, PhD, Associate Professor
       Research interests:
       1. Mechanisms: modeling, simulation, synthesis, optimum design
       2. Robotics: kinematics, dynamics, statics, accuracy, design optimization
       3. Parallel robot and lightweight robotic arm
       Selected publications:
       1. G. Wu, S. Bai, P. Hjørnet. Architecture optimization of a parallel Schönflies-motion robot in a predefined workspace. Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2016, 106: 148-165.
       2. G. Wu, P. Zou. Comparison of 3-DOF asymmetrical spherical parallel manipulators with respect to motion/force transmission and stiffness, Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2016, 105: 369-387.
       3. G. Wu, S. Caro, J. Wang. Design and transmission analysis of an asymmetrical spherical parallel manipulator, Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2015, 94: 119-131.
       4. G. Wu, S. Bai, J. Kepler. Mobile platform center shift in spherical parallel manipulators with flexible limbs, Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2014, 75:12-26.
       5. G. Wu, S. Bai, J. Kepler, S. Caro. Error modeling and experimental validation of a planar 3-PPR parallel manipulator with joint clearances, ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, 2012, 4(4):041008.


       Feng Qian, Lecturer
       Research interests:
       1. Digital mechanism and simulation analysis
       2. Intelligent Manufacturing Research Based on CPS
       3. Production operation system and lean production


       Guanghui Yang, Lecturer
       Research interests:
       1. Wind power equipment
       2. Design and simulation of machinery and mechanical structure
       Selected publications:
       1. Guanghui Yang, Hongfei Teng. New definition of transmission angle in mechanism, Journal of Dalian University of Technology, 2010, 50(1): 67-69.
       2. Guanghui Yang, Shoulin Sun. Hydraulic-control limited rotational speed difference differential, Patent No. ZL201110427301.9, 2013-12-25.

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