1.Training objectives

The major is based on postgraduate training of engineering practice ability, innovative and all-around ability, knowledge application ability and other abilities. SME has emphasized on the combination of machinery and electricity, information, material, dynamic and other technologies, and the comprehensive penetration of mechanical design, manufacture and control technology. SME focuses on training the compound engineering technology and management talents who can take on the scientific research and technology development of mechanical engineering field, design and manufacture, measurement and control of mechanical and electrical integration, product maintenance in whole life-cycle, engineering planning and management and other works, have the good forefront visions, foreign language communicative competence and comprehensive practice literacy, know the profession standards and norms, and have profession leading potential.

2.Introduction of profession field and research direction

Mechanical engineering in Dalian University of Technology takes the requirements of national major project as the guide, the promotion of China’ s major equipment to reach the aim of world- class level, the construction of world- renowned base manufacturing and developing major equipment, training innovative talents and gathering talents, constitution of major equipment courses together with multi-disciplinary as the goal. The profession focus on national major requirements of long distance transportation of oil and gas, nuclear energy development, traffic and water diversion, ocean energy exploitation, aerospace and other engineering, cooperates with relevant university and leading enterprises in equipment manufacturing to develop the world leading equipment products. The profession aims at basic theory and key technical problems in the major equipment design, manufacture, control and integration process to take research work through teams cooperation, multi-disciplinary integration and multi-technology integration. In recent years, SME has trained a group of high-level talents and a set of major scientific achievements, which have striking advantages and features in the research direction of high-performance complex surface with digital manufacturing technology and equipment, ultra- precision manufacturing technology and equipment, micro manufacture and micro system, advanced design and reproducing, precision sensor measurement and control theory and technology, etc. In 2014, Collaborative Innovation Center of Major Machine Manufacture in Liaoning got the certificates of national accreditation of 2011 Project to become the state-level collaborative innovation center, which took the lead to build by SME of Dalian University of Technology. In 2015, 4 entrepreneur members of Collaborative Innovation Center of Major Machine Manufacture in Liaoning leading by Dalian University of Technology have participated in Joint Training Practice Base for Postgraduate of Collaborative Innovation Major Machine Manufacture. The base has become state-level joint training demonstration base for graduate students through the judgment of the Second National Joint Training Practice Base for the Postgraduate Demonstration Project of Engineering, which organized by National Educational Guidance Committee for the Postgraduate of Engineering P.R.China. Collaborative Innovation Center and practice base have laid the foundation of the cultivation of mechanical engineering in the policy guarantee, investment, base construction, teacher appointment and other parts, especially the full-time postgraduates.

Major research direction and content:

1)Advanced processing and forming technology

The technology of precision special machining, ultra- precision machining, and mold design and manufacture and formation, and the technology of advanced material machining and tools.

2)High- performance manufacture equipment and system

Digital manufacture equipment, advanced robot technology, and intelligent manufacture technology and system.

3)Measurement and control technology in manufacturing process

Precision testing technology of sensor and actuators, and mechanical and geometric quantities, numerical control, and the technology of equipment intelligent control and fluid transmission and control

4)Mechanical design theory and technology

Mechanical creative and digital design, mechanical system integration and optimum design, integrated design of machine performance and material structure, computer graphics and information technology, dynamics of machinery, and sustainable design and Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing.

5)Micro nano manufacturing

Micro nano manufacturing basic theory, micro manufacturing technology and equipment, micro system and device design and manufacture, micro nano device testing.

6)Industry engineering

Quality control engineering, production mode and information integration and facilities planning and layout of manufacturing enterprises.

3.Cultivation methods

Full-time engineering master carries out double supervisor system to cultivate postgraduates. The intramural supervisors are responsible professors. The intramural supervisors are responsible for guiding project research and dissertation. The supervisors also take responsibility for guidance, demonstration, and supervision toward postgraduates’ ideology and academic morality and for practice process. Supervisors participate in the work of supervision, guidance and quality control of practical training, dissertation research guidance, quality check of dissertation, defense of the dissertation etc. In principle, intramural supervisors should have more than 1 year practical experience in relevant engineering fields, and undertake application-oriented scientific research or enterprise authorized item. Extramural supervisor should have above vice-senior title.

Postgraduate curriculum carries out point system. And postgraduates should get all required credits before applying the defense of dissertation.

SME enrolls full-time engineering masters for Major Equipment Manufacture Innovative Class. The students who are in this class will enter the enterprises of Collaborative Innovation Center to have off-campus practice, and do research on the jointly selected subject with enterprises. A part of them adopt order-based cultivating mode.

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